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This information is the latest proposed draft, communicated by CBSA.


CBSA’s Assessment & Revenue Management

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, a new implementation timeline has been announced by the CBSA, please scroll down these details.

Security Update

Importers (residents or non-residents of Canada) will be required to post their own security (a surety or cash bond), in order to qualify for the RPP (Release Prior to Payment) program.  Option descriptions, and additional info below.

Option #1 - Cash Bond or Credit Card

100% Security through a cash bond or credit card – for importers who have a monthly duty and tax payment less than $5,000, or

Option #2 - RPP Bond

50% Security through a RPP Bond via a certified financial institution.

Additional Info Importers Should Know

The critical function of ‘customs release’ or ‘customs clearance’ remains unchanged and, as a result, CBSA is designing systems to allow importers the ability to delegate authority to customs brokers or trade specialists ensuring continuity where integrated trade compliance reporting exists.


What is CARM?

A CBSA new program, which will retire legacy systems, to centralize reporting to the cloud, and provide immediate trade reporting to importers. 

Our promise? To help guide and assist you every step of the way. 

But what can we offer today?


Getting the tariff correct on all your products is crucial to the determination of duties, import taxes, preferential tariff treatment, and various import/export restrictions. 

Misclassification of your product(s) can result in your supply chain being disrupted. 

Our Certified Trade Analysts ensure that we get your classification right, every time.

Trade Data

We have all your trade data consolidated and available to you at a touch of a button.

Facilitating a seamless flow of information and ensuring greater transparency is our promise to you.

Reconciliation of Your CRA Account

Did you know you might be charged much more than you are liable for by Customs?

We offer detailed insight into all your credits and debits, online, through our Shipments Web. This offers certainty to the month end reconciliation process, ensuring that your trade books and records balance with the CBSA.

Importer of goods into Canada? 

You will need to register your Business Number (BN) in the CARM system – registration is mandatory. Estimated date of requirement is TBD (in light of COVID-19)

We can email and/or call you when registration is open.

Countdown to CARM Portal Release 1 Launch













Account Receivable Ledger (ARL)

  • Re-platform of ARL/RL solution onto SAP SAPS/4HANA database
  • Implementation of the CARM Managed Services model

Basic portal functionality

  • CARM Client Portal is accessible only to clients with an RM account
  • CARM Internal Portal Manage payment processing (online payments, pre-authorized debit, etc.)
  • CBSA Commercial Client Portal with the HS classification tool
  • Tariff data management
  • Case management functionality for rulings
  • Revenue reporting

Registration and enrolment

  • Register & enrolment of all CBSA clients
  • New portal functionality and notifications
  • Electronic declarations
  • Digital versioning and mass editing capabilities
  • Basic re-assessment risking
  • Case management functionality for appeals, compliance and risks
  • New offsetting options
  • CBSA pre-collections options
  • Central trade data reporting
  • Importers will be required to post their own security (a surety or cash bond), in order to qualify for the RPP (Release Prior to Payment) program.



Commercial Accounting Declaration (CAD)

Due by the 24th of month 2.

Statement of Account (SOA)

Generated on the 25th of month 2, for all commodities crossing the border in month 1​.

Payment Due Date

Is 10 business days from the 17th of the month (e.g. the 18th of month 2 is day 1)​.

Correction Period

From CAD submission date to payment due date.

Adjustment Period

From payment due date onward.

What We Do For Importers Now VS. CARM

Contact a GHY Import Specialist.